* Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed! *

Make an effort to present yourself to God as a tried-and-true worker, who doesn’t need to be ashamed but is one who interprets the message of truth correctly.

-2 Timothy 2:15 – Common English Bible (CEB)

Our Mission

The AWANA club’s goal is to reach boys and girls with the Gospel of Christ, and to train them to serve Him.

All of our classes are led by volunteers who are there because they want to reach children for Christ. Along with all we learn, we make everything fun and have a designated game time to let loose some of that energy!

So When Do You Meet?

Puggles, Cubbies, Sparks, Truth & Training meet every Sunday from 5pm to 7pm EST August through May.

What About Trek & Journey?

Trek & Journey also meet every Sunday but from 4pm to 5pm EST August through May.