( Serving Him In Everything )

Like No Other: The Life of Christ by Tony Evans

Starting on May 7th we’re going to be starting a new Sunday School class called S.H.IN.E.

This 18 & up Women’s group is for any woman looking for for a need to build a closer relationship to God.

Over the next 8 weeks we’re going to be digging into a book called “Like No Other: The Life of Christ by Tony Evans“.

Jesus Christ is central to the Christian faith. That statement may seem obvious, but even Christians need a constant reminder that everything in our faith is built upon the person and work of Jesus Christ. Every aspect of Jesus’ life-from His birth to His current exalted state-is unique from any other person. His uniqueness means His life and character merit our fullest attention, and because He is uniquely God, His life and character greatly impact our lives. (8 sessions).

If you would like to join us please complete and submit the form.

I am interested in S.H.IN.E.