Sydney Buck singing

I would like to tell you a story,

Sunday night was this year’s first day of Revival at Philadelphia Baptist Church. Sydney Buck performed “Once and For All” by music singer Lauren Daigle. She not only knocked it out of the park with her performance, she knocked it completely out of Smiths Station Alabama! In my eyes Sydney, who is just 17 years young has a voice of a professional artist who had been singing for many years.

As I was setting up the soundboard before service, Sydney hopped up on stage and we cued the music. Within seconds I was seriously blown away. I immediately threw in a blank CD and started recording. After a few failed attempts to eliminate some background noise, I knew I would have to record the final version during service. We only had one shot to get it right and after realizing we wanted to record video in addition to the sweet sounds coming out of the board, I enlisted the help from some of our Audio/Video team, Nehemiah, Robert and Kaitlyn.

I wasn’t able to keep the video due to memory issues but thankfully I was able to snap some pictures during the recording to share with everyone else. With that being said, I hope you enjoy her voice as much as I did.

– by Joseph Salmi

Sydney Buck – Once And For All

Philadelphia Baptist Church

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